Welcome! I’m Allison and I’m happy you found Easy to Breezy as you plan your travel. I’m committed to guiding you through easy planning to breezy travel by sharing my tips and experiences.

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Life is hard enough, let’s have the vacation part be the easy part! Yes, you need to decide where to go, what travel tools to use, what to do on your trip, what to pack, etc., but we can keep it light and fun, and I’ll use my travel industry experience to help along the way.

I worked in Marketing for a major US airline for nearly 8 years. During this portion of my career, I studied competitive offerings, the travel industry in general, destination dynamics, and customer travel planning behavior that worked. Simply put, I know the travel industry and in turn how to make things easy and uncomplicated for you! My husband and I love to travel and try to never be held back. Time off work (and now kids’ school calendars) sets more of our travel schedule than it once did, but every trip I take I’m grateful that I have new memories and experiences. That is true even if we go back to the same place again. Wishing you find that same joy. 

Simply put, I know the travel industry and in turn how to make things easy and uncomplicated.

I’m a planner. Yes, I enjoy planning (type A here) and nothing pairs better with a glass of wine than a good spreadsheet. I have boiled down hours upon hours of research from my own trips, future planning, and experiences to this page, in hopes you can take these ideas and get your travels planned with ease. 

Life is hard enough, let’s have the vacation part be the easy part!

Across the pages, I offer a variety of tips for different travel styles. Mostly, couples/adults traveling or families traveling. On some trips, you may want to use a higher budget and/or not venture too far off the beaten path. For other trips, and the most often way we travel, is to stay somewhere with easy access to things you want to do or places you want to visit, but it’s slightly off the beaten path and with a bit more character. Look for my callouts across the site for these experiences. My favorite type of trip is partly planned and part spur-of-the-moment, so most of these tips lend themselves to that sort of trip.  

Please also note that none of this content is sponsored. I do benefit from purchases if you click from this page and then book. I do not link to anything I wouldn’t book or haven’t already booked myself. I care too much about helping you, and incentivizing you to come back to the site again, to go for a “quick win”.  

Again, very happy you’re here. I hope you’re motivated and able to start or continue, going from Easy to Breezy with the information you find on this page. I’m always looking to prioritize new content development – please reach out on the contact page if you have topics or destinations you would like me to cover next. If you prefer email, I’m available at Allison@EasytoBreezy.com.

Happy, breezy travels! 


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