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Welcome to Easy to Breezy, your go-to source for straightforward travel tips and tricks from travel experts. We share guidance and insider tips to make your journey stress-free and enjoyable, without hitting unnecessary tourist traps. Get ready to embark on effortless adventures!  

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In each guide/post, we boil down trip options to simple choices. No “analysis paralysis” here!

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I’m Allison. My husband and I have a combined decade of experience working in leadership roles for major US airlines and travel companies and are the travel insiders/experts for this site. Over these years, and traveling with our own young family, we have explored a lot of places and I am happy to share our trips, tricks, insights, and insider travel resources with you.

For each trip, I plan in detail leaving some of the days planned and then some days more “go-with-the-flow”. Opportunities will arise while you’re traveling and you will want to take advantage of these chances to feel immersed. Stop at that random pub, say yes to going into the local bookstore, and take the server’s advice to try the hidden beach nearby.

Our destination guides will help direct you to places you’ll love and keep things simple for your planning based on tons of research and analysis on our end. We’ll also post travel industry tips and tricks so you stay up with trends and industry dynamics that should guide your travel choices. Say hi and learn more about me while you look around the site.

Please take a look at the latest posts. Comment, and hopefully get inspired to plan your next trip!

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